About Us

HAND IN HAND, a benevolent NGO* was officially registered in 2004 in order to conduct all clinical and continuing education activities while meeting all legal requirements.

Grandfather-Grandmother Memorial in Stepanakert


Our first action in Artsakh dates back to 1998 when we established our first dental clinic in the war-devastated historic town of Shushi.

Since then, we have successfully built, equipped and currently fully maintain seven free clinics.

These include six dental clinics in different regional centers of Artsakh, a mobile unit for rural Artsakh and one women’s health clinic in the Capital, Stepanakert.

All of our clinics operate under the same principles:

  • Our services are totally free for our patients.
  • All building costs, equipment costs, supplies and materials, staff salaries, including pension plans and taxes are provided by the Diaspora.
  • The local government participates with water, electricity and telephone.

We have a wonderful team of 21 full-time local staff totally dedicated to the service of the Artsakh population. Our clinics see on average 24,000 patients every year. TOTALLY FREE !
Dental clinic operatory
Our clinics provide a wide range of treatment.  We place special emphasis on PREVENTIVE measures and hygiene instructions. We also provide regularly continuing education programs to insure proper Professional Development for our staff.

We operate under the umbrella Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called “HAND-IN-HAND”. This NGO is officially registered in Armenia and Artsakh. It is a collaborative effort between Diasporic medical and dental associations from Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Paris, Lyon and Beirut, and the Armenian International Dental Association (A.I.D.A). Our efforts are financed by our numerous and generous friends and donors.

Our mission is to help deliver and improve Health Care to the general population and particularly to the children of Artsakh. Hand in hand, we shall contribute towards the complex task of Nation Building until the local economic circumstances allow self-sustainability.

We welcome your suggestions and invite you to join our team in any way you can.

Zareh Ouzounian



* An NGO is a non-governmental organization.  Wikipedia says:

One of the earliest mentions of the term “NGO” was in 1945, when the United Nations (UN) was created. The UN, which is an inter-governmental organization, made it possible for certain approved specialized international non-state agencies—i.e., non-governmental organizations—to be awarded observer status at its assemblies and some of its meetings. Later the term became used more widely. Today, according to the UN, any kind of private organization that is independent from government control can be termed an “NGO”, provided it is not-for-profit, non-criminal and not simply an opposition political party.