Clinics In Karabagh

Our mission is to help deliver and improve Dental and Health Care to the general population and particularly to the children of Artsakh.

Map of Nagorno-KarabaghHAND IN HAND supports 4 dental clinics in Karabagh, including 2 mobile clinics to reach outlying rural areas.

All of our clinics operate under the same principles:

  • Our services are totally free for our patients.
  • All building costs, equipment costs, supplies and materials, staff salaries, including pension plans and taxes are provided by the Diaspora.
  • The local government participates with water, electricity and telephone.
  • We are independent from ANY institution.
  • We work only with local authorities.

Hand in Hand’s 2017 Results

  • Hand in Hand’s dental clinics had in general 14,758 visits, 3,119 of which or 21% were primary registered.
  • About 4,214 surgery, mainly extractions (which is 28% of the common visits) and 5,385 (36,5 % of the common visits) therapeutic (filling and endodontic) treatments were shown.
  • About 5,955 prophylaxis treatments were done by our clinics in the regions of Nagorno Karabakh mainly F-Gel applications, sealant, cleaning and polishing, primarily among children aged 14 years old.
  • About 1,104 visits or 7.5% of the general visits were just consultations.

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic