Mardakert Dental Clinic

The Martakert people now have dental care.

About The Clinic

Clinic Opened:  February 2006
Supported By:
Staff:  2 dentists and 2 dental assistants.

What We Do:
The Mardakert Clinic provides [therapeutic, minor surgical and oral cavity disease prevention] services.

Who We Serve:
The Clinic provides dental service to the population of Mardakert region on a benevolent basis, without any sex or age discrimination.

The clinic provides dental service to 2,000 patients, which is almost 11% of the Mardakert population.


Martakert - Before







The Mardakert Dental Clinic was started in February of 2006 by Armenian Dentists Associations of Toronto, Montreal (ACMAO) and Paris (UMAF).

The official opening was in April 2006 when organizers visited Artsakh.  It was a special day for all!  The officials from Toronto, Montreal and Paris attended and took part in the celebration with the Mardakert people. Both parties were inspired: those who donated the gift by enjoying moral satisfaction, and those who were going to use it by the real opportunity.

An eventful day all around – the mobile clinic also opened that day!

Martakert Dental Clinic

Martakert Dental Clinic