Shushi Dental Clinic

“A Dental clinic with bright rooms, new equipment, and free medical care.  This was unprecedented.”


About The Clinic

Clinic Opened: May 1998
Supported By: Hand In Hand (AIDA Boston)
Staff: 2 dentists and 2 dental assistants.

What We Do:
The Sushi Clinic provides therapeutic, minor surgical and oral cavity disease prevention services.

Who We Serve:
The Clinic provides dental service to the population of Shushi region on a benevolent basis, without any sex or age discrimination.

The clinic provides dental service to 6,060 patients from Shushi region, which is almost 60% of its population, and about 2,260 patients from Stepanakert.

Dedicated to Dr. Manuel SahakyanShoushi2










Where it all began: Historical Shushi was the site of the first free dental clinic.  In this place where the former educational and scientific center sat in ruins, a new beginning in dental health care began!

Upon visiting Shushi in 1995 and witnessing the devastation, Zareh Ouzounian decided to open the first dental clinic in this city.

With the combined efforts of the International Association of Armenian Dentists and the Canadian Association of Armenian Doctors the dream became reality.  A dental clinic with bright rooms, new equipment, and free medical care: this was unprecedented.

Marked as the beginning of a new era, the red ribbon was cut on the eve of the special festival for heroic Shushi – in May of 1998.

The Shushi Dental Clinic was started in May of 1998 by the Armenian-Canadian Medical Association (ACMAO). It was also supported by the Armenian Dentists Association of Lebanon (ADAL).

Shushi Dental ClinicShushi Dental Clinic

Shushi Dental Clinic